What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on your computer that store information about how many times you visit our
website and what you are interested in at these visits. Cookies do not contain any personal data and
information that could identify you.

Why are they used?

By using cookies we can provide you with better user experience on the website.
Thus, for example cookies can record your preferences and settings, entries in online forms and information for registered users.
By using cookies we can record website statistics and thus we can more easily find and remedy eventual
faults and offer you better content and/or more appropriate offer at your next visits.
With the help of cookies the potential advertising partners can provide you with the relevant advertisements.
Some cookies are indispensable for website operation itself while the others can only be saved if you

This page uses the following cookies:

Cookie name
Source / Company
Accepting the conditions on cookies.
Demar d.o.o.
Records the distinction between users (sessions).
Google Analytics
Records the distinction between users (sessions).
Google Analytics
Statistics of website views.
Google Analytics
Defines a traffic source or advertising campaign. Google Analytics.
Google Analytics

Analytical cookies

Cookies used to measure the number of visitors on the websites. These cookies are not vital for website
operation itself, but they make it much easier for us to take decisions that ensure better user experience.
All information collected by these cookies is anonymous.

Managing of cookies in browser

The majority of web browsers accept cookies automatically. The validity of cookies can be short-term or
long-term and after expiration of validity the browser automatically deletes them. The user can delete all
cookies or cookies for individual website (domain) also manually or completely disable the use of cookies
in browser. You can find the instructions on how to delete cookies or how to disable their use can in the
Help Section of your web browser. In case that you completely disable the use of cookies, it is possible
that some functionality of the websites will not work correctly.

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