1.) What kind of personal information we collect and why?

a) Website visit

What: Whenever you visit the website, the web server files are stored automatically on the web server (e. g. IP number – number that identifies a particular computer or other device on the web).

Why: The World Wide Web works in the way that certain information on websites visits are recorded on
the web server where the website is hosted, such as IP number, browser version, time of visit etc. We do not process these data separately and do not link them with other data.

b) Contact through website

What: It is possible to forward your opinions, comments and questions by using the online form on our
website. In such case it is obligatorily to complete the field with e-mail address. All other information is
not obligatory. You can optionally enter the company name, your name and surname and telephone

Why: We need your e-mail address in order to answer you. We process the data entered in the online form
solely for the purpose of answering to your opinions, comments or questions.
How long: The time period of keeping depends on the content and duration of the contact.

2.) In which case will we contact you?

We will contact you only in the following cases:
– if you send us a question, opinion or comment.

3.) Will your personal information be transmitted to third parties?

We will not forward your personal information to any third party under any circumstances.

4.) Can you and how can you find out which of your personal information do we process?

Upon your written request and in accordance with applicable law we will provide you with the insight
into the personal data that we collect and process.

5.) Protection of personal information

For protection of your personal information we will ensure the security of the website and limit the
possibility of unauthorized access in order to protect them against violations and abuses.

6.) Obtaining approvals for processing of personal information

We will obtain appropriate approvals for all personal information that we already use, in accordance with
GDPR and valid legislation on protection of personal data. After the expiration of prescribed time periods
we will delete all personal information for which we will not obtain the appropriate approvals.

7.) Commitments

We undertake to protect the confidentiality of personal information of the website users. We will use the
collected information only for the purposes for which they will be provided by the website users.
We will not use the personal data and contact information for any other purposes and will not disclosed
them to third parties without the explicit permission given by the website user.
You can send us your questions regarding the processing and protection of your personal information when using the website to our e-mail address info@demar.si or by using the contact form on our website.

8.) Changes to the statement on the protection of personal data

The statement was last updated on June 8, 2021.

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