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House on the meadow

In the unspoiled part of wonderful nature in Dob you can find theold townhouse with a rich history. The house has been renovated with all the heart and soul into a warm and modern sports centre where,in addition to sports training, you can also enjoy in massage, sauna or have a cup of coffee in a nice cafe. Check out the story of a boutique sportscentre that started already in the middle of the 19th century.

Aleja finance

Aleja Finance is a partner that provides you »more« at financial services. Theyconstantly upgrade their knowledge and experiences and are one of the leading companies in Slovenia in the field of factoring financing. The challenge of the company was how to introduce the »demanding« business services of the companyin a simple way on the web. Check out how we solved this challenge through animated videos.


Flaška is a small Slovenian family business. With the innovative technologies and a responsible attitude towards society and environment the company has been trying for many years to bring the water structure closer to pure spring water. Their products thus ensure that every sip of water changes into real magic.

At Demar Creative Factory we have engaged all our knowledge, effort and heart in order to introducethis story also on the web.


The entrusted project of a digital redesign for acompanythat is a leader in its branch and a synonym for Mercedes in our country is a special honor and responsibility for us.
We accepted the demanding and responsible challenge of the website redesign for the company Prigo d.o.o.which as the leading provider with a high reputation at home and abroad wantedin a very special way to show its reputation and approach also on theInternet.


The story of »The Miracle of Nature« where from the hill of volcanic origin flows extremely clean water, Voda 902, began in a very special way.
Together with a team of photographers, strategic planners, creative designers and plenty of crazy “out-of-the-box” ideas we have proudly introduced the VODA 902 story also on the web.

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